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Black Is Beautiful.mp4

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Black is Beautiful.mp4

If the Internet and cyberspace are the sum total of human experience,why is a human experience defined not to include me?When I search for myself --young black Asian Chicana beautiful and freeI find ten entries of pornography and ten portals of lost dreams.Who builds it is different from who codes it is different from who uses it.I am the warrior mother, the sister soldier,I am dreaming the revolution of self that begins with me and my world.It is the magic of our people, the Third World Majority,One nation under hip hop elevating self, beginning one block at a time.We speak the truth of her story,As we have always known it and continue to build it.We struggle within the belly of the beast. Against police brutality, prisons, the INS.Against bad schools, no wage jobs and gentrification.Against violence and genocide in our minds, our bodies and spirits. As new mystics, new MCs, new prophets, new DJs,New organizers, new breakers, new parents,New graf writers, new poets and new dreamers. Expressing the five elements, we define the world in our own image. With each lyric, tag, poem, beat and song.We organize our communities in a culture of resistance. I know me.We know who we be.We are knowledge, seeking knowledge, seeking ourselves.--from "Who We Be" 041b061a72


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