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Nyu Stern School Of Business Library REPACK

Vaccines are a critical tool in combating the coronavirus and saving lives. However, they are not a magic bullet that alone will bring about an end to the pandemic. Saving millions of lives and stopping the further spread of COVID-19 will come about only through the implementation of a science-based strategy of elimination and eradication. This includes mass vaccination, the closure of schools and nonessential businesses, coupled with a massive government program to roll out widespread testing, high-quality masks, quarantining, contact tracing and isolation, which could eliminate the virus in a matter of months.

nyu stern school of business library

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The Stern Opportunity (The Oppy) serves as a forum for the NYU Stern School of Business graduate community. We cover current events and achievements of NYU Stern, reflect on the current state of the world of business through articles and editorials from Stern students, alumni, faculty and administrators, and capture the many facets of the school.

Genesis 1990: Many college seniors visited the options trading floor of the American Stock Exchange to observe what 'market making' and trading 'looked like'. Each was visiting New York City to interview for a job at a brokerage firm. I asked each woman and man if s/he had read anything about the firm in particular (with which each had a scheduled interview) or about the history of Wall Street in general, since each had chosen the securities industry as a career path. To a person the answer was no - nothing read! I empathized, as I was sure that I, at their age and stage in life, had also read little about Wall Street prior to my start in the securities industry. Further discussion revealed not that each wasn't interested in reading about Wall Street's past but that each just didn't know what to read, how much material might be available or how much time it might take to find it. I wasn't sure myself but decided to investigate. That led to many hours in the business library at NYU's Stern Graduate School of Business and my first foray into business history.

Business History is a 'stealth' topic. Few colleges or graduate business schools have specific courses in business history vs. economic history. Library catalogs do not make clear the corresponding association between authors/subjects and their respective companies/industries. Web portals with a history focus or history links rarely address business history as a separate and distinct entry. 350c69d7ab


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